Protective Seating Systems

Crew members are in direct contact with a vehicle’s seating system; therefore occupants must rely on their seating system to provide the most significant protection, increasing survivability and preventing injuries.

Armatec’s range of seating systems provides this level of unmatchable reliability and protection to personnel. Outfitted with technology to attenuate blast energy and limit loads delivered to the occupants, Armatec’s Protective Seating Solutions will protect crew from various threats and automotive accidents;

  • IEDs
  • Landmines (blast and fragmentation)
  • Ballistic projectiles
  • Shaped charges
  • Front, side and rear automotive crash
  • Vehicle rollover


  • Customized to specific installation considering local and global effects; the seat mounting design options prevents occupant contact with the vehicle floor, which isolates load inputs delivered to crew members, and increases survivability. This is not a static design, Armatec can integrate and install our seating systems into most armoured vehicles.
  • The systems energy attenuation and load limiting device is customized to a broad range of loading scenarios which considers specific threats, and host vehicle’s mass with local and global regimes.
  • Fold-away options available to enhance system accessibility; allows for storage or access behind the seating system, can act as a medical stretcher or bed, or to assist with easy egress.
  • Seat cushions can be designed to accommodate specific personnel protective equipment to provide the best ergonomic solution for the crew.
  • Armatec’s Protective Seating Systems are designed to protect, meeting and exceeding STANAG levels according to host vehicle characteristics and threat requirements.
  • The protective seating systems have been tested and fielded in Canada, New Zealand and NATO allied forces, having a significant impact in protecting crew members and influencing a safe return from theater.

Armatec’s Assisted Rescue System was designed with the intent of quickly and safely extracting casualties out of vehicles, while providing maximum protection and preventing potential injuries during the rescue phase and immediate initiation of medical treatment.

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